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The next Executive Board Meeting

will be

March 18th at the Clubhouse

at 11:30 AM

Snow Removal Policy 2021

Snow shall be removed from Briar Lake roadways and the clubhouse parking area when snowfall amounts exceed two (2) inches, except as specified by the Briar Lake Executive Board.  Discussion will take place between the Briar Lake Executive Board and Contractor prior to and/or during/following each snow event which may require action

Snow removal is to commence within a reasonable time after the accumulation reaches a minimum of 2”, but not before it ceases to fall, and not until discussion with an authorized representative of Briar Lake Unit Owners’ Association.

Snow removal does not include clearing driveway aprons or mailbox areas.

Snow depths are determined by reports from the National Weather Service and local news reports.

Per push price:  This bid is based on a price of $410. per push for 2.0” to 8.0”: and above will be billed at a rate of $560. per push.  Accumulations greater than 8.0” will result in additional charges to compensate for additional time to adequately remove snow from roadways at an hourly rate or $120. per hour.

Salt application:  Salt will be applied as dictated by weather conditions, and as agreed upon between the Contractor and authorized representative of Briar Lake Unit Owners’ Association.  Price per salt application $265.  Pathways price is $50 per hour.

Briar Lake Minutes & Financials


           Homeowner Fees


Homeowner Fees of $280 per quarter due:

January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1

Payment may be made by:

On-line Payment


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

or by Mail to

Briar Lake

c/o Horst Property Management

P.O. Box 60545

Phoenix, AZ  85082

Briar Lake

Board of Directors

President:  Dave Smith

Vice President:  Pat Button

Treasurer:  Bob DeMartino

Secretary:  Lynn Welge

Member:  Robert Widmark

Horst Representative:

       Holly Widdowson


Email Address:

Briar Lake Handbook & Directories

Snow Removal:

    Dave Smith

Lake Matters:

    Ed Shutter


    Pat Button