Snow Removal:  Dave Smith

Lake Matters:  Ed Shutter

Landscaping Matters:  Mike Gates

To obtain your copies of the Home Owner's Documents:

These documents are also located in the Clubhouse foyer.

Road Paving Information for Shore Landing Drive and Water Edge Court

For the 48 hours following the road paving, ONLY emergency vehicles will be permitted.

      Shore Landing Drive.
The preparation of the road bed is planned for Tuesday, May 26th.
The paving is planned for Wednesday, May 27th. 

NO DRIVING UNTIL FRIDAY, MAY 29th.  Cars may be parked on Walnut Crest if you wish.

      Water Edge Court
The preparation of the road bed is planned for Friday, May 29th.
The paving is planned for Monday, June 1st. 

NO DRIVING UNTIL WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3rd.  Cars may be parked on Walnut Crest if you wish

      *Notify the post office to hold your mail for the few days as the mail truck
         will not be able to access the road.
      *Do not schedule deliveries using UPS or FedEx during this time.
      *Make sure you have enough provisions in your home so you do not need to shop.
     * If your lawn is mowed during this time, asked to be rescheduled.

Future Board Meetings:  Future Board meetings will be held as Executive Board meetings.  An Executive Board Meeting is a closed meeting.  If you wish to present a problem or ask a question you must send it to  You will receive a confirmation that your problem or question has been received.  If needed, you will be invited to the Board meeting to clarify your concern.  Any problem or question will be answered via email.  Following the information, you give to the Board, the Board will go into a work session and you will be asked to leave.

                                         BRIAR LAKE BOARD


                                       President:  Dave Smith

                                            Vice President:  Ed Shutter

                                            Treasurer:  Bob DeMartino

                                            Secretary:  Lynn Welge

                                            Member:  Mike Gates

 Horst Representative: 

      Holly Widdowson  


To obtain a copy of the

Briar Lake Community Room Application,

Architectural Request,

Landscape Request,


Expense Reports


Click on the appropriate red button

Clubhouse Reopening

Limited activities at the clubhouse with no more than 10 people present will begin May 15th in conjunction with Lebanon County‚Äôs entering the yellow phase of the COV19 limits.    

       Remember you:
          1. must wear masks
          2. stay 6 ft. apart
          3. allow only 10 or less in a confined area. 

To obtain your copies of the documents from Horst Management:

To obtain your copy of the Current Briar Lake Handbook enter your name and email address

To obtain copies of the Board's

minutes and financials:

To obtain your copy of the Briar Lake Directory either:

Make the request by filling in the form below.

June 18th will be the

next Board meeting

                                                                                           at 1:00 PM

     Homeowner Fees due:  January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1.