February 18, 2021 will be the

next Board meeting

                                                                                           at 11:30 AM

               Homeowner Fees of $280 per quarter due: 

                 January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1

Effective January 1, 2021, coupon books for payment of Homeowner Fees will NO LONGER be issued.

                Payment may be made by:

                    On-line Payment


              Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

                     or by Mail to:

                      Briar Lake
               c/o Horst Property Management
                      P.O. Box 60545
                    Phoenix, AZ 85082

To obtain a copy of the

Briar Lake Community Room Application,

Architectural Request,

Landscape Request,


Expense Reports


Click on the appropriate red button

Groups limited to 10 people
Masks MUST be worn

                                         BRIAR LAKE    



                                       President:  Dave Smith

                                            Vice President: Pat Button

                                            Treasurer:  Bob DeMartino

                                            Secretary:  Lynn Welge

                                            Member:  Robert Widmark

 Horst Representative: 

      Holly Widdowson  


To obtain your copies of the Home Owner's Documents:

These documents are also located in the Clubhouse foyer.

To obtain your copy of the Briar Lake Directory either:

Make the request by filling in the form below.

Snow Removal:  Dave Smith

Lake Matters:  Ed Shutter

Landscaping Matters:  Pat Button

To obtain copies of the Board's

minutes and financials:

To obtain your copy of the Current Briar Lake Handbook enter your name and email address

To obtain your copies of the documents from Horst Management: