Do You Have a Problem?

The only problems our management company (Horst) should receive are street lights that are not working and/or suspension of trash pick up due to leaving Briar Lake for a period of time.

All other problems must be addressed to the Board by email

( or mail (deliver) to a Board Member .

Snow Removal:  Dave Smith

Lake Matters:  Ed Shutter

Landscaping Matters:  Mike Gates

Future Board Meetings:  Future Board meetings will be held as Executive Board meetings.  An Executive Board Meeting is a closed meeting.  If you wish to present a problem or ask a question you must send it to  You will receive a confirmation that your problem or question has been received.  If needed, you will be invited to the Board meeting to clarify your concern.  Any problem or question will be answered via email.  Following the information, you give to the Board, the Board will go into a work session and you will be asked to leave.

Next  Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, Novemeber 14th

1 PM

At the Clubhouse

Homeowner's Meeting @ 7PM on Monday, October 28th

                                         BRIAR LAKE BOARD


                                       President:  Dave Smith

                                            Vice President:  Ed Shutter

                                            Treasurer:  Bob DeMartino

                                            Secretary:  Lynn Welge

                                            Member:  Mike Gates

 Horst Representative: 

      Holly Widdowson