The Gardens are maintained around the lake and pond by interested residents of
Briar Lake.  Each garden is numbered with a paver.
        Gardens 1:  Miriam Light                          Garden 2:  Miriam Light              

        Garden 3: Trudy Gates                             Garden 4:  Lorraine Fowler  
        Garden 5:  Doug & Brenda Naugle           Garden 6: Anita Shutter
        Garden 7:  Pat Button                               Garden 8:   Jean Shaud
        Garden 9:  Joan Haag                               Garden 10:  Mary & Ron Mielnicki
        Garden 11:  Lynda & Harold Yoder           Garden 12:  Mark Uliana
        Garden 13:  Jean Shaud                            Garden 14:  Miriam Light

        Garden 15:  Pat Button                            Clubhouse Urns:  Veronika Keskes

The Audit Committee conducts interim and annual audits of the Association’s books, and issues reports to the Board and community as to their findings. They also verify votes by the community and perform other such duties as requested by the Board. 

 Members:    Bob DeMartino, Mike Gates, Chuck McCormick,  Ron Mielnicki,
 Lynn Welge

Committees and Helpers

The Library in the Clubhouse is available to everyone. 

Librarians:  Joan Frank and Trudy Gates

The Activities Committee plans community activities and meets the second Wednesday of the month at 9:30 AM at the Clubhouse. 

Members:  Pat Button, Lorraine Fowler, Joan Frank, Miriam Light, Sue McCormick, Mary Mielnicki, Cathy Runkle, Judy Schappell,  Veronika Keskes, Jennifer Smith, Karen Smith, Lynn Welge, Donna Wilkie

The Website is maintained for the benefit of the communtity.  It is published on Thursdays.

Webmaster:  Lynn Welge

                     Weekly Contributors:  Lois Uliana, Carmen Gaud,

                                                        Diana Hynson

                     Nature Photography:  Glenn Werst

For your safety,  please use the "Buddy System"  when you are volunteering in case of problems or any accidents that might occur.  

It also makes the work lighter and more enjoyable.

Neighborhood Watch Committee stresses education and common sense for the safety of the community promoting an increased quality of life. 

Block Captains:   Bob DeMartino, Veronika Kesckes, Bruno Santi

Members:  Bob DiMartino,  Ted Holcombe,  Veronika Kesckes,   Barry Light,  Bruno Santi,   Dick Schappell, Dave Smith, Karen Smith

Lake Committee develops plans and policies that foster the long-term protection and  health of Briar Lake’s water bodies for the benefit of the community. 
 Members:   Dave Fowler,  Mike Gates, Joan Haag, Ted Holcombe, Fred Murren,  Jean Shaud, Ed Shutter (Chair), 

The Maintenance Committee maintains the clubhouse and other amenities  such as the boardwalk and dock.  They also perform tasks such as fixing damaged street signs, installing duck deterrent spikes, and filling walking path sink holes.  When something  is beyond our capabilities, we make recommendations to the Executive Board.  
They also offer to help unit owners who need assistance with small jobs that they are unable  to perform themselves such as replacing smoke detector batteries or changing light bulbs.

Time commitment is minimal and formal meetings are infrequent.   Anyone is welcome to join. No special skills are required.  Our motto is “many hands make the work fast and fun”. 

Members:  Dick Schappell (co-chair), Bill  Martin (co-chair),  Pete Conway, Dave  Fowler, Mike Gates, Trudy Gates, Ted Holcombe, Bob Long, Ron Mielnicki, Anthony Mujsce, Keith Runkle, Bruno Santi, Stan Zamonsky