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Eagles found in 3 areas.

A high flying airplane

An Opportunity to Volunteer

I was told about another eagle nest over next to Rt. 39 off of Hershey Drive.  Went to check it out and it's in a dead tree above a swampy area with lots of Blue Heron nests close by. Here are two pictures of eagle nest.   

The old nest fell down last Fall, I was told.  They are working on a new one closer to the road.  I  was told they tried a different spot earlier this year, but it fell apart.  Now they have it in a "live" tree.  The old one that fell down was in a dead tree.  Dead trees are preferred because they have large wingspans and need the room to get into the nest.   Live trees often have too many small branches in the way.  They have a good tree now; they seem to get in and out pretty good.

They only build a new nest once refurbishing it every year after that before laying their eggs.  The building is much more interesting than the short time refurbishing.  The old nest was there about 7 to 9 years depending on who you talk to.

Glenn's spotting Eagles in several places.

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When Glenn is not photoing birds and animals, he likes to take pictures of planes. 

Exhaust contrails usually form at high altitudes; usually above 8,000 m (26,000 ft), where the air temperature is below −36.5 °C (−34 °F). They can also form closer to the ground when the air is cold and moist.  That's like 4  3/4 miles high and with this camera, you can see the FED EX on the front right of plane.

This new nest north of Palmyra that they are still making has doubts that they will lay eggs this year.  Some I talked to say yes it will happen and others say not this year.  


An Opportunity to Volunteer

Have you ever attended a show at the Lebanon
Community Theater?  It's practically next door
to Briar Lake!  ( E Maple St)

The theater thrives because of volunteers, so if
you have a talent to share, you want to meet new
people, and see great shows, please consider
Volunteers are needed for the concession stand,
ushers, costume shop, set building and occasional outdoor projects.

If you have any interest in spending some time helping the theater please contact Jay Kern at 717.821.0345
or email DJJAY71@verizon.net
or  info@lebanoncommunitytheatre.org

Lebanon Community Theatre is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization founded to enrich, entertain and educate our community with the best available theatre experiences. We are committed to playing an active role in keeping our community vital by greatly enhancing the quality of life for our neighbors in Lebanon County.

Thank you,