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Pentagon's UFO Unit



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August Birthdays

Thank you

Lebanon County Christian

 Ministries and/

 Hresko's BBQ Fundraiser

Glenn & the Lanternfly

Potato Chip Cookies

Flourless Peanut Butter


Blue Bird Inn Menu

Fun Facts

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August Fun Facts

A​ugust Holidays & Special Days

Book Club  August 13th at the Clubhouse at 2 PM 

NEW: Breakfast Club  August 13th at Dutch Way at 9 AM (only 15 people )

Breakfast Club  August 25 th at Country Fare at 8:30 AM

Supper Club September  1st at Shogun at 5 PM 

Labor Day Picnic September 7th at the Clubhouse

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Glen's Pictures:

    Middle Creek

    Briar Lake