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* 10 Tips to Prevent Mail Theft

* Fun Science Facts

​* Apple Sweetness Chart

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Grapefruit-One if the Weirdest Fruits on the Planet

Common Cooking Mistakes

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A Walk Around the Lake from R Schies

Rick Schies shared pictures of his walk around the lake  See more on Page 5

                     IMPORTANT INFORMATION

IF you received a mail-in ballot and IF you decided you would rather vote in person, Michael Anderson, Dir./Chief Clerk of the Lebanon County Bureau of Elections/Voter Registration (717-228-4428), 400 S. 8th St., Room 209) has said you must follow these instructions:

The individual must surrender the mail in ballot to our office or at the polling location.  If they wait to election day they must be prepared to wait.  The ballot and all the balloting materials must be surrendered.

You may reach us at


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October Birthdays

November Birthdays

Rock Work on the Pond

Book Club

The History of Candy Corn: A Halloween Candy Favorite

A Device to Remove SLF