Groups limited to 10 people
Masks MUST be worn

You may reach us at

There will be no February calendar.  If a group that has 10 or less members starts up in February, the dates will be listed below.  For events outside the Clubhouse, check with the person in charge for information, dates and times. 

January 26:   Garbage

February 2:   Garbage & Recycle

February 9:  Garbage

February 16:  Garbage & Recycle

February 18:  Board Meeting

February 23:  Garbage

                        We will not publish the Website January 28 as the

                      Website will be receiving a new look.  It will still

                      be available to you, but there will be nothing new.


                      If you recall, several years ago, we had to rewrite

                      the website.  Now, once again, we have to upgrade

                      the website--it will have a new and different look on

                      February 4th. 

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* 15 Weird Inaugurations

* Why January 20?

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Pictures by Glenn:

   Space Station


   Church Squirrel

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January Birthdays

February Birthdays

Thank You

Dutch Way Info

"Let There Be Peace on Earth"

Weather Sayings and Meanings

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Inauguration Day

Best Bird Feeders for

   Cardinals and

   Other Birds

How to Make Suet

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