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Month of March 2021:  


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March Birth Flower: Daffodil

Growing Snake Plants

Growing African Violets

A Few Little Laughs 

BL Activities


Activity Committee Meeting

Breakfast Club  (RSVP)

Book Club

March Calendar

Bob Widmark shared the photos of the Snow Geese on Briar Lake March 4th.

Diana's Dabblings

The "Stuff" of a Queen

Six Royal Residences

Prime Seating At Wimbledon


Royal Stamp Collection

Incredible Heirlooms

Amazing Real Estate

An Array of Critters

Mad King Ludwig II

Check It Out


NLT Wastewater Rates

NLT Spring Cleanup

20 Frugal Uses of Dawn

10 Surprising Uses of Vinegar

18 Cleaning Problems Solved with Baking Soda


The Breakfast Club is meeting at Dutch Way.  Call Mary W if you plan to attend.

Place an order for subs at the Weavertown Fire Dept. on Monday--pick it up on Saturday.

If you are missing a green recycling bin, it's on Volpe's front porch.

Reminder:  On windy days make sure your lid is securely on garbage & recycling bins.  No one wants to pick up your garbage.

Click on  BL Activities to see the full month of March and be able to print the calendar.

In and Around

Snow Geese

Tundra Swans