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Combating Cabin Fever

   and Staying

   Productive in These



Some ideas with

   website addresses to

   combat boredom: 

This Tree Fell Over And Cloned Four More Trees! 

 The Only Tree That Survived The Tsunami In Japan Now Protected And Restored.   


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April Birthdays

Don’t fall for these stimulus check scams

Lebanon added to state’s stay-at-home order

You may reach us at


An amazing tree grows out of rock!

Tree Of Life - Olympic National Park, Washington  Tree Of Life - Olympic National Park, Washington  

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Ten Facts About April

Inspirational Quotes

Finally A Little Chuckle

No formal calendar this month.

Dates you may wish to save:

April 7:  Garbage

April 14:  Garbage & Recycle

April 21:  Garbage

April 28:  Garbage & Recycle

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Whatcha Been Up To?

Sharing the "Do List"

​Hymn of Inspiration:

 "It Is Well With My Soul"

What are you doing while, you are staying at home, to keep busy? 

Share your activities by sending them to briarlake815@gmail.com.